Getting Down to Studying

Somehow of all the things i expected to do after envisioning myself in college studying was definitely quite low in the list. Which is how its turned out as well..

This place has so much more to offer than just the mundane daily process or rather ritual of going to classes coming back and doing assignments. Now that im a part of some 5 odd clubs , i end up having to constantly work on something or the other , if I actually bother to … On the other hand if i don’t i get kicked out .

On a general basis if your interests don’t match mine then of course every single club i’ve joined will seem unappealing or dry , but to me its a brilliant way to finally do all that i’ve wanted to, sure, I din make the basketball team , but thankfully i have enough on my plate to make up for that disappointment completely …

But the day has finally come when my goofing off takes a beating , after two humiliating tests in physics i have come to the astounding realisation that I really should read and study a little bit . And come on , the topics are interesting too , I wanted this , this understanding of how things work and so on , and I really can’t miss out on the intellectual betterment of knowing that . Well ill sign of for now, but there’s another blog coming this one idolising my new laptop(disregarding the shocks it keeps giving me when its charging 😛 ) …


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