Beyond The Summer

School ended in january , boards in march and all my college entrance exams by may 10th … Ever since then I’ve been as free as can be and I’ve made full use of that very freedom . Played, went out, slept …slept some more ..and in the end joined BITS goa 🙂

I came here on 28th of july to register myself and get a hostel room. The train ride was fine, though since it starts in the afternoon it was pretty boring for quite a while . We reached Goa very very early in the morning and immediately took a taxi to BITS , by now I’d already met some 3 or 4 people headed here . Once we stepped onto campus, it was a question of reality, I could barely believe how beautiful the campus is. We ended up being unceremmoniously dropped wit our bags in front of the Sports Activity Centre (SAC),  since the taxi driver refused to wait another hour for my hostel room to get allotted. It was now just 6:40 … till 7:30 i was joblessly using the wifi in the sac to access facebook before people finally began to come there .

A word about the campus , its around 180 acres I think , with lush greenery and great hostel rooms. Just behind the campus is the Zuari River and from my room I’m afforded a beautiful view of it . It can rain constantly at times and can be unashamedly sunny the very next day. The basketball courts are pretty well maintained and the foootball courts even more so . A bad thing is that I can see the B’ball court very very clearly from my second floor room so if theres anyone playing I have an imediate urge to join them . The library is huge, i saw racks and racks, though i have a strong feeling wen i actually need some book it wont be available, and theres the computer centre next to it from where I’m typing out this obscenely long blog 😛 ).. Oh and theres a medical centre too, which i had the sad misfortune of needing to visit the very second day i was on campus.

Once allotted the room I had to lug my baggage up two floors of the AH7 hostel ..whoo …very tiring ..then go eat …over the next two days my room was organized and cleaned, now I’m so used to it i can practically call it home …ALMOST though , not completely … There are two messes and according to me they both serve better than decent food so i have absolutely no complaints as yet .. I thought id be eating coloured porridge daily , so i was rather surprised …

There is a small and kinda well stocked shopping complex which has a restaurant as well ( i frequented it within a week of coming here , and wat can i say , it was better than the mess food at least 😀 )… it even has a bookshop ..

i’m tired out of writing , and surprisingly ive touched 500 words, those of u who reached reading this far , i truly commend u , caus i myself would probabaly not have had the patience 😀 ..oh and thank u too 😉


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