The past two months in college were definitely unforgettable (cliched, i know ).

In my timeline , I now officially have demarcated two periods of time , pre-thermo and post-thermo. Of all my subjects that I expected to get thrashed in , thermodynamics was the last one , simply because I found it so easy. Well, it was a big wake up call for ‘001’ ; a term which generates enormous amount of judgmental thoughts about the person in question, vis-a-vis, me. It’s supposed to mean that I got the highest in getting into this college , but its more a burden than a boon , something I can iterate from experience.

Anyway, regardless of that I need to study for myself I suppose, and this article wasn’t for me discussing how I plan to change my lazy habits , its about one of my most exciting treks ever.



A senior , name undisclosed for the heck of it, called me for a trek after I’d received my terrible thermo marks (nearly an alliteration there ) and I desperately needed to clear ,my throbbing head of the thoughts that were clogging it up. For the first time I travelled by bus in Goa, they’re pretty funny .. tiny little things which move like race cars on the road, they’re practically mini buses and they get completely STUFFED.

We walked a small distance to reach Holent a small albeit beautiful beachHolent whose primary use is for fishermen to come ashore. Randomly we tried to find a path which led from the left side of the beach to Bogmalo Beach , and ended up on the rocks, literally. We had rock climb for a couple of hours, the wet rocks slipping under our feet as we held on tightly with our hands to very sharp rocks that continually scratched and hurt us. It was exciting , and highly perilous since a fall could possibly have cost us our lives. Most adept amont us was Pravinya(hereafter referred to as ‘Vin’nie)DSC01481 , deftly jumping from rock to rock,, she told me her nickname before was monkey,how very fitting 😀 . Another Prakritesh, chose to dive into the water and swim across the whole trek since he found it tough to go by the rocky route(alliterations, im your master 😛 ).DSC01479 Life threatening experiences however completely make you forget your thermo marks, thankfully. I saw crabs, tiny to big, scuttling along, squished a small one too , and slugs and some weird slimy ring thing on so many rocks – highly disgusting stuff, it was cool to see it first hand still 🙂 . We walked through a path of forest at the end to wind up on another beach , this one even smaller than Holent, obviously our destination was yet to come. After a lot of pointing and gesturing we figured out which way to go and walked for a while longer to reach our final destiantion. We treated ourselves to breezer, ice cream and chats 🙂 . An ok reward for the trek . I was exhausted after returning to the hostel , and I was lazy enough to take till now to write about it .


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