Every mirror has not just one plane screen, it has 2 – the glass and the silver, both of which are a reflecting unto themselves containing the separate slivers that come together to form the final image. This interview has those two pieces conversing with each other – to either your amusement or your derision, see it as you will.

Hereafter the interviewer = IW(glass-the paler part of the image), interviewee =IE(silver, the stronger part of the image).

IW: Why are you doing this interview?

IE: I think I have something of a split personality and I want to get my side of the story out here.

IW: Don’t you think it’s a tad childish?

IE: Maybe, but then, I believe in the eternal quote “Growing old is mandatory but growing up isn’t”; so what if it’s childish?

IW: So what do you want to talk about?

IE: Why you’re interviewing me.

IW:Fine. Why am I interviewing you?

IE:You see I believe that everyone deserves to have a simple question and answer session on a regular basis with their subconscious, just to ascertain that they are whoever they think they are. Who do you think you are?

IW:I am you. So YOU tell ME.

IE: Well, I believe a lot of things about myself but more than anything else I believe in being principled. It is the key to being SOMEONE, by choosing to live by certain principles you are choosing to distinguish yourself from the mob that seeks to overwhelm every single one of us. More importantly, you have to stay true to them uncompromisingly only then will you be seen as a propagator of what you stand for, you will become a symbol for it-just as Batman did or as Rorschach did in Watchmen.

IW: Wouldn’t that mean, albeit in an abstract way, that you are styling yourself on the superhero Rorschach(or anyone else), which in turn sounds just like superhero worship to me.

IE: Like most people you are focusing only on the ending part of what I said, Rorschach agreed was uncompromising, but his principles aren’t what yours or mine would be. What your principles are defines you, you don’t have to make them as superheroes do, and being uncompromising about right and wrong defined Rorschach, that in itself was his principle. Copying someone else’s principles is not wrong as long as you have just as strong a belief or more in them as the person who came up with them did.

IW: You seem good at giving answers to yourself, have you done it before?

IE: Yes and no. I have of course done something on these lines  before, but never have I given a descriptive argument for every question that has been thus asked, also I usually convey things with a plethora of images and feelings, making it easier for me to interpret whatever it may be.

IW:How would you like to conclude the interview?

IE: Fear has now become a staple diet of the masses, we consume it through words, pictures and actions-especially from ourselves. That fear tends to clog everyone’s pipes-considering everyone’s life as a pipe(thinking of the old Windows screensaver?), so if you really want to flow, flow with the time, the moment and with yourself, you have to unclog the pipe, you have to remove that fear.

Is the Human Species Special ?

216 bones , zillions of cells , miles of epithelial tissue : this may describe the average human , but would any sensible member of the human race be satisfied with it ? As one member of this highly acclaimed race of animals , I would tend to disagree considerably . We are classified into what we are by one very special piece of mass so highly complex and wonderful one HAS to wonder whether any alien life form stuck it into the cranium to see what’ll happen (just like we do to animals smaller than us isn’t it ? a rather frightening analogy). The human brain is what gives us , to put it at its crudest , our power , over other animals , resources , over Planet Earth. And those aliens are sitting there and saying “ Ha-ha , look at these idiots , don’t they screw up themselves so wonderfully “.I want a much much better brain , one which while being able to handle our levels of complexity is also capable of using its OWN capabilities to a far greater extent and can detect its foibles; what I’m asking for is an inhuman human .

We speak of developed and developing countries , and it may be in whatever sense of the word , but we will never truly be developed until we can THINK better , such a crucial aspect of all our lives , but how many sit down you actually analyse it ? In the future , I don’t see humans present any longer , I see a purely robotic society which is viral and self replicating and evolves on its own level to give us far far better insights into the world. They possibly will integrate our characteristics into them , imbibing those things that will help them in whatever quest they are on. I’m no fatalist , but I want that day to come soon , if only for the sake of development and being able to show those stupid aliens the finger .  


The mind has a way of making sure that what it believes is what IS and nothing else, so it looks for the proof for what it thinks is true and right and neglects all the other sources of information. This is a major hindrance to any sort of scientific enquiry , suppose you believe some animal is dangerous , you would make sure to prove just that and nothing else . You would never mention that the possibility of even finding it is enormously rare or that it exists in non-inhabitable areas. How many scientific discoveries have been coloured by this idea? . Is it ever possible to have a completely objective view or is it ALWAYS flexible and superposed with the solution to the quandary that we have already hypothesised.

Holmes said it best when he mentioned that he never thinks about a case before he has the facts . Are we as humans that judicial though ? That careful and methodical while being as detached as the scientific mind of Holmes allowed him to be ? I should think now . We are after all , HUMAN , and I say that with a slight air of disgust, not for our faults but for our utter refusal to acknowledge them . It would take an apocalypse or a revolution of a different kind , one that assaulted everyone not physically but mentally . It would barricade everyone from looking anywhere but inwards upon themselves and contemplating the true nature of their own existence and clarifying their ideas about everything . Every memory we have is false , every thought we have unoriginal , every single thing we do based on a level of predictability that any child would frown upon had he the realisation of how fake all of this is .

It will take a new world , a more evolved and sophisticated one to truly make progress in all the areas that we have failed , and there are far too vast areas where the magnitude of our failures never fails to astonish me .

The truly hilarious side to all this , is that I’m hoping to pretend that I myself am not human , and I’m guessing I could actually have fooled a number of people into feeling as though this article was written by someone who actually isn’t human , which shows just how susceptible we are to our mind’s quirks , heuristics as they are called . However the reason this article itself is a true catastrophe is because I too am human and I have no option but to say my whole view on this matter has been overly derogatory and plain mean; there not 2 sides to any story , there’s an infinite number of sides to it . It’s up to us to make sure we choose the right one to listen to.