The closer you are the closer the truth is

The closer you are the closer the truth is.


Life seems sometimes to be a dreary set of coincidences¬†stitched¬†together in a way the you desperately hope ¬†is meaningful. But in reality there are too many people in too many¬†places¬†who¬†don’t¬†really care, they just want to look like¬†they’re¬†doing something because that is enough for them apparently. In reality its so pointless. If all you seek to do is create an image, it will be totally illusory.

Henry David Thoreau said”….. , give me truth”. The rest of the sentence adds gravitas to that one phrase, but actually just that one phrase is more than enough. The one phrase tells you¬†everything¬†you need to¬†know¬†about everything you do.¬†All¬†of it is just a meagre effort at the truth. However many problem you solve, however many anythings that you¬†manage¬†to achieve, they are all triumphs towards the truth. What does this enigmatic truth have to be?¬†Does¬†it have a definition, a meaning, some direction perhaps? No it doesn’t and it¬†doesn’t¬†have to. Our life on earth is¬†meagre¬† the change we induce here so¬†insignificant¬†that in reality every dictator, and every peasant in the timeline of the universe will occupy the same place. The only thing that makes any sense is to try and enjoy every little extra bit of knowledge you get,and to try to find a morsel, a grain of¬†something¬†with a semblance of meaning in it.¬†Something¬†that makes sense. We are all¬†crazy,¬†insane creatures, our ability to think makes us that. I mean sanity would be to just live and reproduce and¬†survive¬†till you did so, any sort of simple justice dictates that the¬†confines¬†offered by that route are sufficient for the continuation of the species. But we are so much more. The very fact that we are so much more means so much more is expected from every single one of us. Why? Because we can.¬†Isn’t¬†that in itself a good enough reason? That our brains can ACTUALLY try to see how the¬†stuff¬†around us works, how there is the truth in the things we see? And to comprehend that, its the literal equivalent of holding nuggets of gold in your hand. It’s worth it, it totally is.

I can see it in my head for once, and it’s a rare moment this. I just imagined myself asking this NASA scientist who was working on some problem -“Is it worth it?” and he said to me- ” I love every bit of knowledge I get, because the closer I am to the answer, the closer I am to the truth”. He didn’t finish that sentence but I understood. It meant that we should keep searching. Always¬†search¬†for more knowledge because that is where truth lies.

The cynics will say yes we’ve been doing that every moment till now, curiosity is our defining feature. But is happiness? DO you enjoy the fact that you have acquired something new – even if it isn’t shiny or glamorous,¬†maybe¬†its just a line of text in your head, a set of symbols or an image? DO you feel happy about it?¬†Does¬†it¬†make¬†you feel like it’s related to how the¬†world¬†goes around and the universe functions? Every single particle is linked to every other. They just are. It’s the way of nature. The more we discover, the closer we are to discovering why they are so inextricably linked. The future of man is definitely bleak, possibly extremely unhappy but that does not mean that our scientific glories will wane, they will only seem all the brighter for the¬†darkness¬†of the environment in which they are spawned. We should all nurse such discoveries, and help them grow.¬†

¬†Trust me. The closer you get, the closer you are to the truth. And the truth is the epitome of happiness. Search for it, and every single time you get it, cherish it and understand that moment. Life will become so much more. That timeline on which the dictator and peasant sit together just won’t matter anymore because you’ll realise that you too are among all those particles of nature. YOU are part of the timeline of the universe.¬†