Is the Human Species Special ?

216 bones , zillions of cells , miles of epithelial tissue : this may describe the average human , but would any sensible member of the human race be satisfied with it ? As one member of this highly acclaimed race of animals , I would tend to disagree considerably . We are classified into what we are by one very special piece of mass so highly complex and wonderful one HAS to wonder whether any alien life form stuck it into the cranium to see what’ll happen (just like we do to animals smaller than us isn’t it ? a rather frightening analogy). The human brain is what gives us , to put it at its crudest , our power , over other animals , resources , over Planet Earth. And those aliens are sitting there and saying “ Ha-ha , look at these idiots , don’t they screw up themselves so wonderfully “.I want a much much better brain , one which while being able to handle our levels of complexity is also capable of using its OWN capabilities to a far greater extent and can detect its foibles; what I’m asking for is an inhuman human .

We speak of developed and developing countries , and it may be in whatever sense of the word , but we will never truly be developed until we can THINK better , such a crucial aspect of all our lives , but how many sit down you actually analyse it ? In the future , I don’t see humans present any longer , I see a purely robotic society which is viral and self replicating and evolves on its own level to give us far far better insights into the world. They possibly will integrate our characteristics into them , imbibing those things that will help them in whatever quest they are on. I’m no fatalist , but I want that day to come soon , if only for the sake of development and being able to show those stupid aliens the finger .  

End of the Universe

No this is NOT a doomsday article.

I was contemplating the possibility of the universe having an end to it .

Say you’re in a room right now, you see a 3 D system of walls and doors and possibly windows with clear partitions, clear demarcations, clear ENDINGS . There are corners to the room . What’re the corners of the universe ? Does it have a corner ? Or is it a mindboggling endless amount of Space; a very confounding idea . How can it go on forever ?

“Everything that has a beginning has an ending” , so where’s the ending of the universe ? . Maybe it merges into another universe that’s there on the border, a second one that possibly mirrors ours, allowing thus for the thought of parallel universes. Again that incorporates infinity , because there can be an infinite number of parallel universes. That’s an idea my mind can never properly fathom, how can there be an infinity when all we experience and are exposed to has some ‘finity’ to it, or at least in our understanding and perception of it it does. Now check the contradiction of that , suppose the universe DOES have an ending , one that we haven’t yet detected because information of it is still travelling to us. Then the obvious question that arises is , what’s there beyond it ? Space itself is nothingness, so there MUST be something after the ending , which within itself contradicts the very possibility of an ending to the universe . So I guess I can safely (or dangerously) conclude that there really IS no ending. VERY dissatisfying i can tell you . Either I want to understand the concept of infinity or the possibility of an ending . Neither is well defined and it nags me like crazy…. since right now sleep IS a possibility I can understand I think I’ll accept it and contemplate on infinities and non-infinities later.

(as an extra note, EVERYTHING is intrinsically infinite- no ending of finding smaller and smaller particles, and since the universe is based on them , looking outwards from inside we see that even the universe is definitely infinite , at the same time, if we find there is a smallest particle beyond which there is nothing , something we’ll never definitively prove actually, then the universe DOES have an ending 🙂 )