Tragedy, Love, Hate, Fear and Commentators

Sitting inside a closed room all day talking about cricket doesn’t sound too bad.

Many of their pithy statements are too forced, they’re hesitant to say something truly antagonistic towards any team since team secularity seems enforced through peer pressure and there’s very little camaraderie. In the middle of all that, when you think about the players many of these men used to be, you see that the excitement doesn’t exist for them anymore except in their imagination. You can really understand why they might create tremendous drama in their heads.
So then we as the audience have to experience all the ‘oh this is going to be a nail biting finish’ after 10 overs when England are at 42-0.Though, moving along a tangent of thought, I don’t imagine we would enjoy it as much otherwise. I mean, the bigger picture doesn’t exist yet so we need someone to light the way. If you’d truly believe the commentators however there’s always a great battle afoot – one with mighty soldiers and fire-breathing dragons and glorious wins and just as magnificent defeats, with an amazing eventful journey in between. Fantasy is just my comparison point, pick your own.
Life itself feels so pointless without that – some level of imagination. Some would say its pointless with it.
Try to think of your favorite novel /movie of all time and imagine yourself as the protagonist – now twist your whole life around that peg. Make it all fit like a big jigsaw puzzle – maybe the tests are your dragons, or that interview around the corner is. When you REALLY think about it, how real is real anyway? Its just the figment of your imagination that’s been given a thumbs up. On another tangent, it actually is according to some neuroscience research that has understood the top-down approach that the brain sometimes follows when analyzing information. For the layman that means when you look at a dragon, all the preconceived notions you had about dragons is what first comes to your head – before getting individual details in, like whether he/she’s eating olives.
For example I’m quite sure that I put in two pairs of socks to wash last night and ended up with three individual socks when I took it all out! I’m quite sure that the last sock has gone to another dimension where there’s a world filled with two-legged people who wear only one sock each. That is definitely from some nightmare cooked up by Dr.Seuss.
Or I didn’t put in all my socks. Which story do you like?
We all want some excitement I’m our lives – something that makes life feel like it’s worth living, feel like its worth fighting for. So make it feel like that. It’s entirely up to you – you are the author of your life story so make it dramatic.

Just listen to those commentators properly, and then watch the match with them muted for a while; maybe they’ll convince you that it’s worth it.

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