Did I say Rumpelstiltskin? Gosh, I meant language.
Language as I see it is a very limited device. While through language we have learned to communicate a massive number of things and thanks to it again we are able to understand the teachings and learning-s of our ancestors, in reality, it’s terribly lacking. 
  1. It allows people to dissemble far too easily. To persuade another’s mind of something that is vague and shapeless while seeming to be terribly clear. This is not a personal attack on people but just a way humanity survives and compromises. We’re a little helpless to it.
  2. It’s lack of being able to show the complete picture – any description is incomplete without the authors entire mental state being described – his experiences with whatever it may be, his feelings for it, his thoughts, and ideas. Only a very very very clear headed person would manage to convey all that in words but:
  3. There are only a finite number of words, and there always will be thanks to the the limits of human memory. So considering the myriad experiences to be had there will never truly be sufficient ways of expressing everything in clear detail. To be able to paint a proper picture with words. The brush strokes will always be slightly smudged(and at times this may be what is desired so that individual interpretation is possible but not always).
So what should we do?
Well one way would be to tap into the visual area of the brain and try to map outwards what is being visualised in the higher cortical areas. This way at least we get to see what the other person sees, and communication becomes so much more effective. This way we can make sure that the truth is there for people when they want it. There are always situations where the truth might not be a good idea, so this mechanism should always support that conclusion too but in general, dissembling should be pushed out of contention.
Expand the ways we can use language. Make more forms of language possible, start exploiting our metaphorical understanding of the world better to make language more useful. Memory is a crucial aspect of communication so if memory can be supplemented or recall improved it would be of tremendous benefit to communication if it were used only in such cases. I’m sure there must be more ways to manage this but for now this is all I can think of doing.
Language is definitely beautiful for it’s capabilities but it’s time we considered it’s faults and made some concrete effort to improve it.

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