Paramedics are taught that they should regulate emotions when they are in a position of trememdous stress – to ensure that they work at their optimum cognitive level. In effect whenever there is a situation where they have to take care of a patient in a critical condition they seem to become a tad inhuman – even towards the family members and well-wishers. They can’t help it. Their entire focus is on ensuring that the patient survives and any emotion from the family member could only serve as a distraction – something they could definitely do without. 

An oftly cited example of the mind’s power over someone’s health is how we respond to the placebo effect. We just BELIEVE that we can be healed and when we believe strongly enough we somehow end up healing. For example: the times when hypnosis cured a supposedly incurable disease. These cases may be the “black swans” of their fields – the extremes of the Gaussian curve – the very improbable occurrences. However I argue in their favour. I believe that hope is quintessentially the best feeling in the world. And I do believe that the mind can do wonders that the body itself thinks itself incapable of. The “how” is at present left for MRI scans of the future. We have seen it before and by experience we can believe that it can happen again. So why not encourage it? While I feel like this is some bogus medication I want to see it’s effects. I sincerely believe that the realisation for the patient that there is someone who desperately wants them to live could tip the scales in their favour in the battle between life or death. 

I’d say a study should be undertaken on the probability distribution of the same. I’m extremely curious to know the positive effects of oxytocin – called the “love drug” for how it’s released whenever we experience “love”. However it can easily be argued that the factors in such a situation are numerous – we have definitional challenges on all fronts – what is a well-wisher? what is recovery? what is a “critical condition”? I’ve not clearly demarcated ranges for any of them in something that is terribly subjective. However if and when I get a chance to check this out I’ll make sure I do that.

In reality I have no idea how paramedics truly work and a recent article I read told me how utterly misled I might be by my apprent efforts to help out these people. There are many cases into which each call that a paramedic gets are bifurcated and many of those calls are the worst kind. The ones where they go to console the family and wheel the body to the morgue. The few others where the victim is still alive, the victim is so far beyond consciousness that they’re in the netherworld between life and death. There’s no reason to believe that the presence of anyone but these paramedics is of any use to them. But i’m the hopeful kind. I do still believe that there might be some cases where the presence of someone supporting you is what holds you together, I just have to find out where. Till then all I have is a tremendous respect for paramedics and a thank you to these people who have the capability to stomach such a job because saving lives is the most noble thing you could ever do.

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