9 Lives

Cats have a one in nine chance of dying-all im doing is restating the oft stated fact of ‘ cats have nine lives’ in more realistic terms.
Now the why?
It can be said that all life is based on probability. Thats true isn’t it? It’s our chances and circumstances that make us who we are. Comparing how strong the chances are that one event occurs compared to another is just the study of probability.
Yesterday I played 200 games of the beginner level of Minesweeper to get a time of 12 seconds or less. Why 200? Because it was just a matter of probability that I get an easy one in which I needn’t find all the mines to finish. I managed 13 seconds in the end. This lack of an option to redo events is what makes it so important to get lucky in life, cause if you get the chance to replay a chess game umpteen times you’ll eventually checkmate your opponent.
This makes me feel sad, because it absolutely proves that each of us is at the mercy of forces we cannot control. Now rather than fall back on the weak argument of using religion as a safeguard, I’ll suggest that however screwed up your circumstances get, there’s always the Gaussian curve to remind you that it’ll eventually stop simply because the probability of 100 bad things happening is just too low, yup, the glass is half full strategy.
Just one thing, when that good probability strikes, exploit it like the world is gonna end if you don’t.


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