A Case for Optimism

Why is optimism becoming underrated?

As far as I caan tell, there are very strong cases for pessimism, I’ve read articles telling me that there are good times to be pessimistic and good times to be optimistic, that you HAVE to be an amalgam of both, articles recommending the case of extreme optimism to be tantamount to insanity and articles saying happiness leads to too much intuitive thinking and lack of usage of the executive functions in your head-the thing that really crunches data as you THINK about it. I have no comments on these articles, my case however is for 100% unadulterated good feelings.

I want people to live in a state of well being, mentally and physically, if this is achieved through undeniably extreme optimism then so be it, that is your pill.

Everyone is good, just at different depths. To reach in and actually touch people to that depth you must either know that person extremely well or you should pull that depth up to a level where it’s easy to see. I recommend the latter approach, and I believe it is made considerably easier if the person feels good. Now how do you make someone feel good?

I read in Dr.Martn Seligman’s book Flourish about his new theory on well-being. He states that(paraphrasing here) PERMA is what our well being consists of:

  • P-Positive Emotions
  • E-Engagement
  • R-Good healthy relationships
  • M-Meaning
  • A-Achievement

I don’t believe that gaining something if not everything is impossible, I believe that it is a fundamental right- the right to pursuit of happ(y)ness. It just needs a little work. I believe we are all capable of that work so long as someone believes in them. If we create a community that not only supports but also sustains such a belief we are one step closer to reaching Gaia on Earth. Happiness will no longer have an antonym, it will only have the qualitative feel of less happy and more happy.

As a species our mind is built or negativity, evolutionarily proven and accepted. Now, we defy it. Evolution is what- “Survival of the fittest”. We create well being as the test of fitness, we change the scales by which survival is measured, we turn evolution on its head. That is our future one where we believe that every success counts twice as much as every loss. This would be a world where every single person knows and embodies PERMA.

Altruism is the future. Embrace it and live it.

That whole article came off more as a speech than an article, thanks to which i think that my emotions got penned down in between my thoughts, though to me that’s the best kind of writing :).


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