India and the Rise of Muscle Bikes

Muscle Car:

The ultimate reflection of Power and Distinction. Because you are invincible, unstoppable, and your car echoes it. And because you feel so damn powerful you go ahead and start a gym to make other people powerful too, on the outside at least.

In India, our car culture is still developing, as is the way people express themselves through the materials they accumulate. Being a show-off is still a little demeaning here. However, our bikes have started echoing sentiments, even if the car’s not yet caught up.

I was walking by a gym the other day(it was named, oh-so-aptly, as “Spirit”) and there was a row of motorbikes in front, and in between all the soccer moms’ (are they “cricket moms” here?) scooters(mostly Scooty Peps, that seems to have really caught their imagination). Around 90% of those bikes were in my eyes “muscle bikes”.

Whoa! What a beaut! 😉

What’s a “muscle bike”?

Anything that tries to be over-bulky and gives you more horsepower between your legs than you should be allowed to handle on Indian roads. Somehow it’s really common among hormone-ridden teenagers looking for an image to either emulate or create for themselves, as though this will let them ride off into the sunset; its also common among the gym going group, with their perfect pecs and toned abs. Or that’s just me being overly romantic.

It is fascinating to notice trends like this among the crowds, I guess that’s why psychology fascinates me, somehow or the other you can identify a common trait, something the people themselves would never have noticed. Go Muscle Bikes! By the way I’d love a Ducati.


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