The Event

No this is not another movie review, however it does give you a feel for how life could so easily be misinterpreted for a movie in itself. Consider this-4 years back everyone said “Yes we can”. They really believed that Obama would revolutionise America. Now people are wondering whether they’d lost their heads, however, consider this, when did he ever have the opportunity to get into your hearts?

The problem with the way we judge is that we always choose to use the circumstances rather than the person themselves, this leads to not only a very biased and corrupted view of the person, it also generates a lot of negative emotion. It was evolutionarily built into us to understand a person form the way he or she reacted to a particular situation, and in the lack of it we chose to believe the person is useless. It’s on the lines of “innocent until proven guilty” , reworded to “useless until proven useful”.

Many of the people I know are brilliant, but none of them is recognised for being so since there has never been an “event” that has thrust them into the spotlight and shown their true talent to the world in a way that amazed everyone. Everyone who wants to be famous needs this, it’s why publicity stunts are so common, regardless of all flak that they receive. 

In conclusion I believe that had there been another war, the likes of which catapulted FDR into fame Obama would’ve really made a name for himself, however, in it’s absence he looks like a deflated balloon. Every one of us should have an idea of these automatic biases we tend to have(heuristics they are, but ones that can never truly be appreciated for the damage they cause in today’s world) and try to deny them from having control. Though considering the way the world is going, with excessive information cluttering our minds, heuristics might be our only option. And with that contradiction in mind, I’ll let your heuristics take over…


2 thoughts on “The Event

  1. consider this, heuristics and evolutionary – you GOTTO find alternates mon ami. 😛
    Brilliant article 🙂 I have a suggestion, purely commercial one. Try and compile each blog into one tweet/ compile all your tweets.
    2) add analogies to >80% of your tweets, that will make things really clear.
    3) Then make an app that posts one such tweet on a person’s phone, can subscribe to it.
    That way all the gyan won’t go waste.

  2. I know. I don’t like over using anything I promise but then here it felt like my choices were so limited, I know EXACTLY why we do what I said we did, and I know we can’t really help it, so I wanted to end on a positive note rather than a negative but that just went all awry 😛
    About the tweets, damn true, too many are not very clear I’ve realised, I need the blog form to really elucidate what I hint at in many of my tweets.

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