A very well directed movie on the simplicity that runs children’s lives and how that itself can easily assume a mantle of enormous importance.The movie made me really feel for Hugo and wonder how you can put the whole world into perspective if you don’t over-complicate the way you look.

Hugo thinks that the whole world is a machine and since machines never contain extra parts, if you’re part of the world, you have some purpose. I saw that as a beautiful way to frame our eternal conundrum for ourselves and set it aside temporarily as we harbour a belief in such thoughts. We all search for our place in the world, here’s a way to not lose hope :).

The boy’s entire life revolves around trying to fix a automaton, a machine that works on being wound up and writes something! That was one idea I really appreciated, the machine looked beautiful, and the there was the poignant scene where he believes that the machine is no good to him, before it miraculously whirrs into life and draws a picture of a rocket hitting the moon. There’s several plots intermingling which collide for a very happy heartwarming ending. 🙂 A movie that’s really worth watching 🙂 


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