American Psycho

When laughing at someone laughing, I wondered if I was laughing at them or with them? And if it’s a psychopath, what does that make me? 

This was one movie I was fascinated by. It totally put me inside the head of a true textbook psychopath, and I loved it. For that matter I’d love to be in anyone’s head, it’s a personal idiosyncrasy of mine, wanting to know exactly what someone is thinking at any moment of time. 

This movie pushed the limits of sensibility, and the censor board thought it pushed it enough to deserve a NC-17 rating but it’s not worth missing. It’s been so well crafted that there’s almost an element of perfection about it. The story just follows the life of a man obsessed with killing people, it’s that simple. It’s just an OCD. Though its an OCD that trashes the most fundamental rule of our Social Contract, something that has held on through the centuries, that of avoiding homicide at any cost. Because as a species, killing each other is obviously detrimental to evolution(and yes especially genocide). 

As the movie slowly follows a crazed Patrick Bateman(Christian Bale-terrific acting), a man devoid of the traditional feelings all of us face as humans.However, simultaneously there’s an element of contradiction-he feels greed and disgust on a far far stronger level than any of us face. The farcical scene wherein he’s intimidated by a colleague’s business card really puts his ‘feelings’ into perspective. That’s one messed up amygdala. 

The ending is just as comical, in a very disturbing way. It puts you into a quandary of questions about the actual truth behind his actions. Did he actually kill or was it all a part of his imagination? Schizophrenia is brought into question. While I find these “tordre se terminant”(twist endings) rather dull and expect-able at times, this was truly novel. The whole movie was exciting, and it was designed to make me empathise with this manic psychopath than fear the horror such people unleash on our humdrum lives. And more than anything that was truly frightening.


One thought on “American Psycho

  1. You should read the book – it’s amazing and if you’re looking to get inside someone’s head there’s a load more in there that got left out of the film, and rightly so… The only bad thing about how brilliant this movie is, is that some moron is trying to remake it at the moment… seriously, ten years or so later, Bale still acting everyone else off the screen and they think it needs a remake…

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