What do you trust?

What is trust really? It is only an extension of our belief in what we consider to be the truth. This brings us to a more fundamental level, a level at which we begin to question our own thinking and whether cognitive and confirmation bias run our lives to the point where right and wrong are within themselves paradoxical thoughts. There MUST be a way to sieve everything we see and hear that allows us a way to simplify-a heuristic maybe? Every heuristic that exists only makes the situation more complicated by creating a falsity, or at least a non-existing “truth” as it may be.

Many authors of ages past have catalogued their works in painful detail and you wish you could take them for their word and believe everything they say. Well that period of calm stays until it is shattered by some other author like a precariously placed fragile piece of glass that needs only the slightest gust of wind to fall to pieces. When do you give in to your baser desires to avoid what you consciousness is telling you and fall back on that trusted hunter – your instinct?

As far as I can simplify it, there’s no way to get around this, all you can do is say(unless your ability to process copious amounts of information is way beyond precocious)  I will listen to him and not to him and move on with your life. While most people tend to make this decision on an unconscious level, I somehow needed a catalyst to spur me, to make it on a conscious level. And I feel none the better after making it.

My final conclusion: (rather dystopian really) There is no truth. Everything we see, hear and understand is a figment of our imagination(stretching the definition of imagination a tad there). There’s no two ways about it, its like that guy at the party who knows everyone so there can’t be someone who doesn’t know him. What do you do about it? Change the definition of truth. Truth is anything we consider that falls into Plato’s Theory of Forms. That’s it. 


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