Every single one of you who has ever driven or ridden a bike, car, truck, bus, airplane, train, ship give yourself a pat on the back. That act required a considerable amount strength on your part, though quite possibly your conscious didn’t even make you aware of it, it just set that mentality and you went about your job since there’s a lot of things that are of higher priority.

Every one of those metal contraptions is a death device in one way or the other. All we are as humans is a mass of flesh and bone-as Final Destination and most horror movies prove to us quite vividly. We can so very easily be killed by every single method of travel we possess but in reality we take it for granted that nothing will happen to us. This is the basic premise of all horror movies-they break apart that feeling of fake strength we take for granted and show us our true mortality. I’m not saying that strength shouldn’t exist, we live in a world filled with falsification, we can live with one more. IF we were shown all the true truths that life possesses we would probably die from depression, unless you’re a psychopath, then you’re the one causing such truths to surface in the first place.

So how do we survive?

We mask it all from ourselves, that way our thinking mind can allow itself to ponder more, to put it succinctly, complex problems of the world. or whatever our individual perceptions of the world are. This to me is like a fundamental truth of life, the fact that we don’t allow ourselves to see the truth because it would make life so unbearable, in effect you could quite easily state, and you wouldn’t be very wrong in doing so either, that all of life is false.


2 thoughts on “Strength

  1. This reminds me of a story I once heard about a man who was scared to die ( in your words..he “broke apart because he realized the truth about his supposed “strength” ). He shut himself up in a room and stayed in bed. He finally died because the painting that hung over his bed fell on him..pretty sad…so I think we’re much better off taking risks under the presumption that its safe…otherwise our fear would dictate our lives and we wouldn’t accomplish anything.

    • Exactly! 🙂 I remember that-it was in that tragic short English story about the malformed boy and the handicapped soldier who dies at the end. I was thinking of that too when I wrote it 🙂
      By the way i’m terribly sorry for not replying earlier 😦

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