Autobiography of an Idiot

Every single person who writes an autobiography is in my “respectable and highly appreciated” view, an idiot. Now the respectable and highly appreciated is put in there because every one of these people who seeks to inform the world about their life story believes that is how the public perceives their view. To me, a memoir is nothing more than the ultimate self flattery- you are convincing yourself that you are amazing, you are great, you did so many amazing things in your childhood. However, all of it, or at least a major set of facts is, if not completely fabricated is at least a stretching of the facts.

Here’s why:

No one has the ability to remember their whole lives. Those who do generally don’t write an autobiography because they end up living far too much in the past. Now here’s how we store our memories- we remember the best part about them, and even negative things start taking a positive light after some quantum of time. Now once this happens you are conveying a rosy eyed view of your life in an autobiography, you can check this by tallying up the number of good, happy things that happened in someone’s life versus the bad, negative things. In most cases the first always outnumbers the second. However, we all know that a bad thing has a much stronger impact on us than a good one, quantitatively it’s about twice as prominent in our memory. This would mean then, that the number of bad things people remember should be twice as much. But this never seems to be the case. Thus by method of contradiction I have proved that most autobiographies or even biographies are falsified on some level.

That had a very “prove this” feel to it, but what I have stated provides clear enough logic on why it’s quite stupid to believe in ANYTHING someone says in a bio, you might as well read a fictional account of some person-at least it doesn’t try to fool you into believing it’s the real story.

8 thoughts on “Autobiography of an Idiot

  1. What happens when these autobiographies are like A Child Called “It”. The point is that you can relate and as human beings to know that someone out there is like ourselves, that feels the same as we do, to not feel alone. Many of the memoirs I have read have no been happy. But you have a point about stretching the truth. There have been studies that prove that our memories become altered to a degree.

    • In no way did I mean to generalise ALL autobiographies/biographies; many of them are truly worth reading, but what matters also is HOW you read them, or better, how you assimilate what you’ve read. I understand what you mean when you say you can relate, yes, if that’s how you look at it, its brilliant! But my perspective was more of , if and when the person felt disheartened after reading it. I hate it when that happens.

  2. think it as a fictional thing or a true incident which doesnt actually create self flattery. A person has achieved a few things in life. I doubt any person has made, Directly or indirectly, a statement of self proclamation of greatness. It is true that a person will not remember most of their lives but take out about 80% of their lives they will still tell you the story of their lives. Life has so many details that you do forget so much compared to the amount you remember but is still a considerable amount in any person. Autobiographies is supposed to serve as a source of inspiration. You can even classify it as a diary since it just relates fact related to the persons life even taking into account of the harm a “couple of facts” at the right time can do.

    • I would normally agree had I not suddenly realised that they intimidate to a huge extent and make you feel that you have really under-achieved for who you are, which just makes me wonder whether taking it at face value is worth it. I agree that the perception with which you view them can make considerable difference to what you gain from them, this article was purely to specify what is wrong with them. See this was very specific to me in a sense since this is how it makes me feel, but I’m sure there are loads of positive benefits of reading biographies since, considering them to be slightly hyped versions of people’s lives they and you get the feeling that life CAN be perfect, but then, isn’t that fiction?

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