Rain and Terrorism

The calm in this place really reaches out and touches you deep within yourself , like someone decided to just completely crank down the worry syndrome . According to me THAT is exactly why all the Goan people are so chilled out . You can look anywhere in India but if you are looking for the happiest albeit laziest bunch of people I suggest you turn your gaze towards this Portugese infested (no offense meant 😉 ) land by the sea. And as it so happens the rainy season is just coming on and boy , it truly is a wonderful sight to see all that water rush out of the sky , besides bringing a further sense of calm(who knew that was possible even!), it also cools down the whole area. Something I used to find easy to understand was this gloom that people associated with rain , it made complete sense to me , but now it feels totally foreign , I just can’t get why you wouldn’t love it . Gloom is generally associated with death or losing out on something important, yet you never feel sad when you take a BATH do you ??

On a slightly random wavering of thought , I remember so very clearly being in the USA when 9/11 happened , I remember thinking “God , they’d<I didn’t yet feel like saying we, I was and still remain very very truly Indian :)> better kill him “(in reference to , quite obviously , Osama bin Laden ) . The thought of gloom sent me into this , the atmosphere during that time was beyond terrible. It felt like we’d all fallen from the sky and getting up was too tough. Well it happened .They got up. Finally .

But does it give people that much satisfaction now ? To know that the man who they believed to have murdered their near and dear ones were gone , to me it was a sense of relief that wow , at least now it’s done , TEN years on, be as it may.  Well I really hope it does because with the thought of the oncoming (supposed) catastrophe of 2012, its nice we all have something to cheer about 🙂 . So here’s a holler to the US of A for making it happen – Woohoo !! Go USA !! . Now if India followed suit , I have a feeling that our vendetta against the Mumbai attack culprits would take quite a while longer to effect . Check out this cartoon piece made after the bin Laden kill – http://www.thethoughtcrime.com/season1/osama-geddon (it IS a bit vulgar , so you have been warned).

I completely sympathise with the writers of that dialogue ( especially the tidbit about AIEEE ), how long could they take to kill a mass murderer , especially when ALL of India was gunning to have him hung, shot , guillotined , poisoned or electrocuted . We didn’t care. We just wanted his heart to stop beating.

Maybe we’ll get better from here on in , maybe we’ll be faster than that 10 year long search that the USA had to do , let’s see, I always hope for the best ! 🙂

P.S. This post was written several months back, a few days after Operation Geronimo, just to provide an idea of the timeline.


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