Temple-dee-do Temple-dee-da

I find them boring, the claustrophobia, the incessant chanting, the pressing up against occasionally half naked bodies only manages to disgust me and convince its not only a waste of my time, but money too ( for a second there I was going to say MY money, but not yet, not YET 😉 ). I’m still forced to go to them out of a sense of religious dutifulness I feel towards my mother and my father, who, though not devout, are followers and do the necessary.

It’s a rare occasion for me not to feel a sense of dread when I know I’m going to a temple, its almost instinctive, a chill climbs up my spine and I immediately feel like doing nothing more than dropping onto the bed and falling asleep. The only way I get over this horror is when I’m told there’s something in it for me after the ordeal. Pizza at times(not often enough I tell you), some other type of food I’m attracted to(and there are MANY i assure you 😀 ) or maybe I decide what movie to watch. One of those rare occasions though, when I DIDN’T feel any sort of dread, up my spine or otherwise, was this time we went to a temple hidden within a set of caves.They were magnificent, tiny waterfalls here and there since there was a river nearby and we walked through a tiny crystal clear stream which resoundingly defied the dirty feet pounding through it, I could’ve scooped that up and drank it right there(had the sense not to though). I could feel tiny pebbles slipping out from under my feet, as though i was receiving some sort of free massage as I went to see this God, whom I swore to devote my entire life to. Sadly I disregarded that promise completely since I have no recollection of anything there except the caves and our spelunking :). I do however remember it having to do something with snakes…

That sort of temple I can deal with, I LOVE them. I hate the commercial enterprises today’s temples have become, all I see when I look at them is a cash making device. I want an au naturale temple, set out in the wild with no manmade structure, just an idol, or maybe a metaphor of the god, like an enormous super old tree defining the nature god. I could spend an age at such a place, because no one would WANT to disturb the solitude with their prayers which people seem to believe will be heard by God if they scream them loud enough or if they give enough cash, that’s not what religion was meant for , not to provide an outlet to your selfish needs to in the shortest path possible, it was a definitive way to make you want to introspect, to do something of life, for life, for people.

Yeah that sort of temple I’d love :).


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