The ordinary .

There’s only so much that we can consider as extraordinary , because our mind refuses to accept that the world is absolutely filled to the brim with amazing things. I mean how could you , how WOULD you possibly ever feel that the soup that you are drinking is so freaking crazy or that the soap that your using is like terrific , or the auto driver revving up his ‘gaadi’ is awesome ?

Its only occasional , but I glimpse that these things all should make us feel a sense of awe , because they never really existed before , we created them , they are the very products of OUR existence , they justify it in their own way . The auto-driver makes you see the ingenuity in making an engine, and simultaneously the excitement of having a machine under your control . This piece is rapidly running out of my control 😀 .

I remember driving down ring road a few days back , on a two-wheeler , and well , though it doesn’t sound exciting , it IS . Its heart-pounding, quick and your overflowing with adrenaline, at least I was with the way I drove; I can never stick around BEHIND one vehicle for longer than 30 seconds , I get tired of looking at the thing’s butt. And there was this one time , when I’m driving just behind a bus , a car had just tried to overtake the bus and failed and now tried to get back behind but i was in the middle of the road dead centre behind the bus , an auto tries to make it out of the sidelines to the main action and this guy has probably been waiting for some time now , so he’s gotten bored and is pissed off , so he makes a pass for the centre , at the same time the car makes a pass to get to the centre , now here i am going excessively fast , right behind the bloody bus getting sandwiched by two vehicles that could easily crush me , and I have the brains NOT to slow down . Wow. That was very smart . Seriously . Well I got lucky , I managed to swerve past both since there was just enough time gap between the two of them turning for me to squeeze through in between .Needless to say , it was awesome !! 😛

I have mad skills at driving the car too . It’s like I could totally jump into NASCAR with that thing and I totally wouldn’t hit the sides . Did i mention its automatic ? Anyone else would’ve found it way too hard to drive ; an AUTOMATIC , oh my god , HOW can you drive something without gears, must be CRAZY tough right , ha , I manage it , but that’s only cause I’m too freaking awesome . I love it when my grandma is backseat driving ; every time we hit a speed bump – “Maybe your mother should drive” 😀 .

I made the first soya sauce sambar , I don’t think anyone in the world had the courage or the sheer stupidity to add soya sauce to sambar . Till now. I did it . And I’ll tell you what , I got why nobody’s EVER tried it before , it doesn’t do too well once it goes down , and it doesn’t do well in the process of going down itself . But cooking’s great fun , anything I make i go , ok this this this this and yes thai seasoning ; this this this , and yes thai seasoning …The best part , my grandma goes , this this this and yes thai seasoning , and after that she has the guts to tell me SHE taught me to put it in the first place . Wow , talk about not getting any credit . And for the cooking illiterates out there , thai seasoning rocks with absolutely anything , except thai food .


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