Seeing is Believing


The first city I stepped into when I first went to the USA. It was so long back , around 10 years to be specific , but my memories of it are vivid. Well to be clear the emotions I felt , the heart pounding excitement to the nervous fear and joy as well as the thoughts that passed through my mind are still etched in my memory. The plane had come from Amsterdam I think so I could see Lake Michigan ( I didn’t think I remembered that correctly but apparently even that is an indelible part of my memory 🙂 )and the edge of Chicago. In that moment everything that was happening suddenly flooded through me and I remember how wonderfully high I felt , to be exposed to a brand new country , one I had only ever heard about even , when I was just 8 years old. I was an experience like no other and that thought made me almost go numb . That instant when I saw the shape of Chicago I felt I wasn’t looking at the metropolis itself but just a miniaturised version of the entire nation placed in front of me so I could gaze at it before I stepped onto its lands. I told my mom that and I could see tear-glazed eyes smile at me. This was a dream come true for her , I didn’t se how important it was to her then , but I realise it now. It’s very heart-warming to know that this made SUCH a difference to her and such an impact on me .

I’m glad life gives you such moments , moments that are forever crystallised into your memory just by the strength of emotion felt when experiencing them . And honestly I thank life for it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Seeing is Believing

  1. Come on ani, didnt you feel bangalore is a city when you were staying there before going to the US__ at least in some areas, when you stretch the notion about the definition of a city about a decade back. None of that compares to chicago of course but for the sake of your country bangalore was a city.Some times my authorization about my blog ID might not be there, but you knoow who will send these type of comments.

    • Hola!

      Ilvo you’re focussing on the wrong things here, this post wasn’t at all about B’lore, you know that first time when I came back I ended up tearing up realising I was back home, no, Bengalooru has a really special place in my heart that no American city however awesome it looks could ever hope to usurp 🙂

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