Said simply

Sometimes life puts forward conundrums that none of us fail to notice but few of us manage to solve . I came across one such quandary in the recent past .

I was wondering what utopia would look like – the perfect world and all that . My view on it was that if humanity reached a point where there existed zero poverty and everybody was equally endowed that would be perfect . Humanity in my eyes then would always be happy since quite simply there would be no reason for sadness. However my my crash landing back into reality was jarred by the thought that when you see no sadness how do you truly no happiness ? And I realised something rather profound , in that state of mind there is no such thing as happiness or sadness , there is only peace. Your mind occupies a place of serenity now , where no wrong exists but you feel neither sadness nor happiness only peace. Now the contention to this statement as succinctly put forth by a friend is that humanity would thus stagnate due to the lack of change , yes , we may manage several millennia even in such a hypnotic state but eventually it would just degrade . Change IS and will always be the fundamental basis for our whole system as a society, as a species, as being us in general.

Well then what IS utopia, a new definition that pops up is that you are already living in it , and all it takes is a shift in your perceptions , a slight tilt in the way your coordinate axes are placed. I like this view. All it takes is to believe in a better world right now , without an inkling of what the future actually holds. And why SHOULDN’T we look at the world through rose tinted spectacles. It doesn’t mean we pay no heed to the wrongs and the horrid actions occurring in the present , we just see them in a new light , a light that shines a path to a solution , instead of one spotlights just the problem.

Look for that light …


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