Living with Yourself

After many many articles articulating things I found odd about the outside world the narcissist in me has forced another introspective article whose sole purpose is to make me happy that I’m even writing an article here. Thank god India won the World Cup yesterday , that feeling of joy and united sense of achievement was so uplifting it was almost , well it WAS spiritual actually. That fervour and that energy felt so wonderful.

I woke up wondering what it would take to infuse every part of my life with the same level of intensity. I believe its totally possible , all it takes is a little belief and some self hypnosis , happiness breeds confidence and confidence breeds success (that could be a sanskrit shloka for those who remember the one which went anger breeds sin and so on and so forth, that’s where I got it from anyway). Self hypnosis is a new thought , I found it when I was reading up on self motivation , and it surprised me because I had no idea that there was any way that you could tap into your subconscious , and finding out that you can actually manipulate it using meditation and a little repetitive actions was a scary and very promising and appealing thought. Apparently you just have to keep repeating the same thought to yourself in a deep sense of meditation, and eventually it becomes a part of you. Hmm I’ll be sure to try it out …

My introspection is running short of ideas, so I’ll be sure to get back to it and see what I come up with and then get back here.


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