Imagining a New World

Our eyes possess the ability to view a certain portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now the whole body is adjusted in a way to a specific frequency in the sense that the world we live in runs at that frequency , and we feel and sense anything within this frequency. Objects tend generally not to pass through our bodies because of this reason , our atoms interact with those on the object and while the frequencies aren’t the same there is a certain band that allows for interaction between the atoms. With this fact clearly imagined , we could envision that there exists right here with us a world that operates on a completely different frequency , one that we cannot sense or perceive and nor can anything we build or make . This would promise the existence of a parallel universe.

Taking a linear extrapolation of this without really considering all of the resident factors , we could believe that the Large Hadron Collider is the only thing we have in our arsenal that will break open this chasm of a separate world. The existence of this as-yet separate entity if it comes within our existence would result in such a catastrophe that the end result could quite easily be a black hole as surmised due to the sudden appearance of so much mass within one location along with the excessive heat from the friction that would instantaneously be present thanks to all the particles jostling for space( though my theory is built not even on could but on nebulae , that far-fetched it is , though nonetheless quite believable when you truly think about it).

This separate world in my head has its own resources , its own entities , its own species , everything slightly different from ours as though their timeline had shifted at some point in space . We can sense NONE of it , none of their cities , their people or whatever they are , their nature – however it is , whatever we do we’re unable to perceive its existence . The only way of making certain of its existence is to get something from this ‘parallel’ world , which may soon be made possible ……


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