Is the Human Species Special ?

216 bones , zillions of cells , miles of epithelial tissue : this may describe the average human , but would any sensible member of the human race be satisfied with it ? As one member of this highly acclaimed race of animals , I would tend to disagree considerably . We are classified into what we are by one very special piece of mass so highly complex and wonderful one HAS to wonder whether any alien life form stuck it into the cranium to see what’ll happen (just like we do to animals smaller than us isn’t it ? a rather frightening analogy). The human brain is what gives us , to put it at its crudest , our power , over other animals , resources , over Planet Earth. And those aliens are sitting there and saying “ Ha-ha , look at these idiots , don’t they screw up themselves so wonderfully “.I want a much much better brain , one which while being able to handle our levels of complexity is also capable of using its OWN capabilities to a far greater extent and can detect its foibles; what I’m asking for is an inhuman human .

We speak of developed and developing countries , and it may be in whatever sense of the word , but we will never truly be developed until we can THINK better , such a crucial aspect of all our lives , but how many sit down you actually analyse it ? In the future , I don’t see humans present any longer , I see a purely robotic society which is viral and self replicating and evolves on its own level to give us far far better insights into the world. They possibly will integrate our characteristics into them , imbibing those things that will help them in whatever quest they are on. I’m no fatalist , but I want that day to come soon , if only for the sake of development and being able to show those stupid aliens the finger .  

5 thoughts on “Is the Human Species Special ?

  1. It depends on your perspective on what is human. This alien crap is all idle speculation. No actual substance behind it.Simply it is childish ani.
    I doesnt aver awe the people who are supposed to read this post and say OMG.
    Show off

    • Hey Ani,
      Good to know you’ve read my posts :).
      First of all my article had nothing to do with trying to create an awes factor kano, it was meant to instill an understanding that the human brain is majorly flawed asthe. The problem is we hype how the brain works too much at times, to the point that we don’t see how weak it is, thus the weird and useless reference to aliens, it was also to remind the reader of Men In Black-you remember that last scene where they’re playing with marbles that contain galaxies and control all of us?
      And I really have no desire to make people go OMG 😀 The whole point is that it’d make people think, oh and I get to crib a little about how I’m unhappy with my brain 😛

  2. i reread the article
    I feel that our brain progresses in time. With each challenge with each complication we further progress in capacity and capability
    AAnyway this is a pointless point and i still feel un-honour bound to argue with you
    What point you put forth i have to uphol my un-honour
    You know what, you have the same obligations

  3. To uphold your “un-honour” as you call it?
    I’d imagine not, my purpose here was served regardless of your appreciation of the point that’s being conveyed, and as for your predilection for the “awe” factor, I must say you’re bordering on desperate now.

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