Why women sell better than men ?

Selling anything is a very complex art actually. First you have to make sure you can introduce yourself properly to whoever you are selling to, second you introduce the product and you do it in such a way that the people you are selling to feel some sense or feeling that this is something they have either longed for or even better felt they desperately needed, and finally, and this is the tricky part, you convert a possible sale into a sale. This is when a salesperson has to make sure they aren’t too forceful about it, don’t allow for much haggling over price and ensure interest remains in the product. If it’s a skilful salesperson, this is a cinch, for the inexperienced, doing this is like jumping across the Grand Canyon, and many lose their customers.

Ok, now we make the assumption that the salesperson in question is feminine. How does this affect sales in anyway? I find that those sales are highly raised in such a case. For one thing, women tend to sympathise with women, and the ones who are adept at looking very believable do better with women since then other women are unable to realise it whereas they can easily detect it on the face of a male counterpart. They rarely haggle over price because they generally, automatically, believe that they get the best price unless something feels very wrong about the price asked for. When women salespersons encounter men, they can easily chat them up and make them want to buy it , for which masculine member of the human race would want to let down a lady in distress, regardless if she’s in a fort guarded by a dragon or at the mercy of a boss demanding a sale. Sales thus go up again.

There you go, this is for sure that when comparing two salespersons of different genders of same calibre, the woman will ALWAYS make a better sale.


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