What does my title have to do with this article ? Do tell me in the shortest possible link possible .

Quark was a wonderful exhibition of everything that I enjoy about the human spirit , intellect , competition and happiness . All of those are such positive qualities I hope everyone one day just decides they don’t want to feel anything but that . Just as Cemeteries of London blows through my ear thanks to the volume being cranked up to maximum to make up for a cranial confusion I was struggling to expel , music can do that so much better than any person or even doing ANYTHING .

I loved the BITS MUN , just as I loved the MUN in Bangalore , though honestly I’m wondering why exactly I really liked it so much . Was it the really cute girls who seemed to exist in every single council and speaking with scary accents that made me wish they had just not opened their mouth and instead left everything to my imagination , including their voices ? I seriously doubt it , I shall grant my self a greater level of sophistication that just that crude perspective of this. I’m guessing at the fact that there was so much of well conducted and intellectual dialogue that was happening that it really inspired me , not that there was all that much of it , its just my reasoning .

And I like suits.

We won numbers 🙂 , I so felt like saying I did it , but that would be totally unfair to my team members who worked really hard for this win 🙂 . It was extremely gratifying to be able to do that , but honestly if not for the right team we would’ve been struggling , sometimes things just click and it feels wonderful when that happens . Everything works out very ell and you’re left wondering how you could possibly have imagined they wouldn’t have . It just had to you know.

On one day I was at a low excitement level since I had not gotten to do everything i wanted then i was exuberant that things changed so quickly from good to bad . Thats life right ? Ugh . Just saying that makes me feel so terrible simply because that ISN’T how life should be , I want it to be constantly one flat-line , I don’t need highs and lows. Who’s asking for a freaking wave motion in this ? And I feel I’m allowed some level of righteous anger at what I consider a despicable state of affairs .

That’s it for now , I think I’ll get down to being a tad more productive.


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