There’s always something that can blow up inside any chemistry lab , now the funny thing is when all you are attracted to is that stuff that will blow up. That , is me .

I love searching for the stuff that ca do something scary because I love the rush of adrenaline flowing through my system and flooding my brain making it impossible to think clearly . Its been one of my drugs for sure . So the beginning to this desire was in tenth when it was suggested we steal , no that is far too harsh; ‘borrow’ the sodium so that we could perform our own clever little experiment where we would be putting it into water and watching it blow. I was literally shivering with excitement at the thought of gazing at that massive( as I thought ) explosion . There were obviously no thoughts for the dangers , ‘who cares? ‘ we all thought .

A questionable plan was initiated : one would distract the guard while another rushed inside and used the stolen key to open the cupboard and steal the ‘Na’. I was the one given with this dubious task . So I pull out this can which I had seen was the sodium just in the morning . We all quickly run back to our building ensuring no one suspects but constantly feeling that everyone knew what we had done and we’d be caught immediately . I hid the glass bottle inside some bushes to the back of a wall so that no one would on accident happen to chance across it .

Later during a free period , we rushed to or prize, picked up the bottle and ran to our chosen spot for this brilliant experiment with a large bottle of water. All the ‘apparatus required’ were within our grasp and God , had we waited a long time for this moment . We gather around the treasured bottle in a circle which I reverently hold in my hand and twist the cap open with the other .

A gasp of disappointment echoed through the still , quiet forest . I had stolen Zinc instead of what we actually required-what a waste of our efforts . My eyes had let me down yet again , and all my friends were preparing to bombard me with a string of insults when we were interrupted by the sudden appearance of a teacher , and being where we shouldn’t be , we considered running but gave up on that possibility and stood awaiting the expected .

After being dragged to the Principal’s office we were given a stern lecture for being where we should never had gone . Luckily we were given only a small punishment since our lame excuse of us following a lizard achieved the necessary – an escape from the dreaded office .

The Zinc bottle was never recovered for I had dropped it in the forest to appear to be completely innocent, which was a very easy task for me at the time . It’s only now that I always look guilty simply because everyone’s perceptions are coloured by the kind of person that I now am . I was far too sensible back then . Except for a few incidents . Like this one .


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