A pill

I remember I’d once wondered whether there was anything wonderfully fascinating within any of the ordinary medicines we gulp down in a jiffy. I took a capsule , a big one if my memory faculties are in proper order , and hoping to uncover the secrets of medical science pulled it apart .It was , to say the least , a disappointment . There was some fine powder that I found fascinating but utterly useless to me in any way .

Then I took another one (after thoroughly scrubbing my hands , I was rather scared of what it would do to me) and just dropped it into a glass of water . Nothing happened for a while .Then the pill started melting , I was fascinated and rather gratified , then it became a sticky blob and once again it was useless to me . But it had yielded a wonderful insight into how it gets absorbed into our bodies , I was I’d say in 6th then , so I was wondering what was happening in there and it satisfied me to know it got dissolved and that the body did not in fact have a mechanism to pull it open as I had externally .


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