Campus Conundrums

It’s getting interesting .

I’m generally against putting up such ambiguous statements as my leading line , I mean , there’s an equal amount of probability that it’ll wean you away from reading it as there is to make you want to keep going . Either way I’m glad to be writing again. And yes campus life for me is truly getting interesting . I finally feel like I’m managing to DO something useful in this place , a feeling which I was unable to even fathom in the previous semester . Now I’m all for efficiency and productivity , two words I never seemed to get enough of in 12th standard. 15 days have passed since I stepped onto the pasted scenery of Bits Pilani (pasted because they are forced to keep replanting due to how terrible the conditions are for growing , poor plants) K.K. Birla Goa Campus (individualism is prevalent among the bigger and more affluent families whereas lower down on the pecking order or social hierarchy we see a lot more collectivistic actions occurring. Whenever one person does something for another without hope of any sort of benefit , save psychologically, it brings me a great deal of satisfaction and contentment. I do see it considerably whenever there are tight knit families or communities. They are partially forced due to their inadequacy in living ,well, properly I suppose.

Today I participated in a rather interesting event called Dexter’s Lab, fascinating as the name was , to all us cartoon fans who had already realised their karma in life was to be just like Dexter, did let me down a tad on the organisational side . I was expecting a lot more razzmatazz. Nonetheless it was fun to finally JUST use my conceptual understanding of physics and not worry about any formulae and how the variables fitted in . A very apt statement a friend made about me today was that I tend to keep making beginnings but fewer endings , so my sincere effort from now on will be toward getting more endings to my beginnings.

Its late in the night and though I want to complete my wonderful USA account , it’ll have to once more be postponed due to lack of mental concentration and sensibility .

Good Night 🙂 (And to those of you in the US Good evening I think 🙂 )


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