Brown Going on White

Parking garages can be surprisingly warm , they luckily have in built heaters and if the office is open , its a cozy cave to duck into to escape a possibly hypothermia inducing blizzard. It possibly saved our lives , well my mom’s at least.

Las Vegas , one of the must see places in the world , a place that is present in almost everyone’s ‘1000 things to do before I die’ list. And I got to go there already. One might argue that  going with ur parents is tantamount to stupidity but then again, how many such opportunities come by you in a lifetime ? I’ll never forget the experience , especially because I went through it WITH mon architects.

We flew there. It was the only sensible option considering limited time resources , and being the connoiseur that i am, I had to buy something to eat even in the airport. Suffice it to say, THAT part of the journey was highly forgettable. One part that wasn’t was being forced to check in our bag, though we were sneakily trying , in true Indian spirit , to pull it on as a cabin bag, so what if it clearly exceeded the specified dimensions. We were given the ultimatum that we couldn’t board without a check in , which ruffled my dad’s feathers pretty strongly , though he straightened it out ( the feathers , OBVIOUSLY ) and we gave up our beloved chance to flaunt the rules.

What I’ve come to realise is , we Indians , are rebels at heart, we’ll try to bend the protocol to our benefit just for the satisfaction that we DID. Its a funny quirk in all of us I would guess, but ESPECIALLY among us Indians.

Arthur would’ve loved what they’ve done at Excalibur , he could’ve copyrighted that name . Anyway, its a very spacious hotel ,very comfortable and filled with people losing money constantly. We loved our 4 days of stay there, I particularly loved the widescreen TV. We reached in the middle of the night and slept like a rock , though they obviously don’t sleep, or stay awake when you consider it.

All of Vegas is built on excess. And losers . There’s an overload of lights , sound and innuendo , and only losers would constantly gamble when chances of winning are so stacked against you and generally beyond your control. Nonetheless the excess is a feast for the eyes and ears , not to speak of other body parts , and Mandalay Bay is the perfect mini-showcase of everything there is on offer in Vegas. There was entertainment , infinite food options, interesting  places to visit. It was our first place visited and we were making sure to absorb everything around us , the constantly pending excitement of winning the jackpot , the splurge of the rich , the perfection in decorations and attractions and the beauty with which everything is crafted.

If I had the time , and EVEN if i had no money ,I could’ve put up a tent and just gone for free food samples-excess comes into question again and attractions for at least a month .

Anyway we went to shark reef aquarium ,IN mandalay bay (so obviously , its HUGE), a predator based aquarium , seeing those creatures was awe-inducing. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see a komodo dragon in person and I FINALLY could  though the guy was either to bored to greet me or too tired out by all the attention . I felt like saying, ‘ oi i’m one of your biggest fans , gimme something at least ‘ . But disappointments come and go , not like komodo dragons though , but its OK.

I’m tired of writing , I’ll continue this later 😛


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