In quantum mechanics we learn that absolutely nothing is definite , every small thing , never remains as we know it , its CONSTANTLY in a state of change. For example , in one sub section i learnt that a particle in a 1D box cant make a transition out of the box by boundary conditions , but that stupid thing HAS to be a rebel and completely contradict the theory , tunnelling out of the box itself since all walls are finite of course . So it just jumps out , but thank you God (oops , i just contradicted my atheism 😛 ), ok physics, at the very least it still follows a wave function and its energy goes up and down travelling from one maxima to the other.

But you see how things can change so minutely , but their effects could easily be so very profound . Suppose we consider a plate breaking in a house , it could lead to a fight , followed by certain facts being revealed that shouldn’t have been and can’t be reconciled and in effect dissolve the family itself . Yes , the probability of such a thing happening is one in a million , but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen . In a similar way if I hit the wall, I could possibly trigger a series of chain events in nature which could alter the very course of the universe and change the entire space time fabric , of course I’m just making myself feel all powerful here since the chance of that happening is one in sat billion to the power a billion, but what the hec , we’re all allowed to daydream aren’t we ? 😀


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