In V for Vendetta , one man creates a mass uprising  with the whole population fighting against the oppressive and terrorising government . I fell for the storyline , i was captivated by the difference made by this one single entity . He inspired people and helped them believe in themselves .

How many world leaders of today could actually do that ?

But I immediately reached a quandary, suppose we let one person dictate our actions because he made them seem appropriate , would we go to war , kill other human beings based on boundaries and destroy lives ? Of course we would  and have as well . So is there a justification in letting myself LIKE this kind of revolution in a movie when in reality I would actually detest it . I am now forced to define what is right and wrong, otherwise how can I accept the same thing under only slightly altered circumstances ?

Right would be when the revolution was concerned with making people have greater strength in themselves to overcome any kind of fear and oppression but at the same time not enrage them so much they are gladly willing to engage in violence ( look at the USA with respect to the terrorism and the rest of their attacks where there was such unnecessary loss of human life) .

Whenever I consider such a situation I conclude with a disappointing thought that dictators, whose sole motive is to ensure betterment of the people,  are the most sensible solution. And the only way to choose them should be to make them undergo a rigorous test where they are forced to confront EVERY fault in their psyche which would not help in the development of a nation the ones who show the best results would be called upon to make the right decisions.

Would YOU take the job? That level of responsibility would be the equivalent of holding everyone’s life in your fist. Its not unfair but it is a little scary because a misguided dictator could ruin a country . So we compromise and we make sure the power is distributed.

This is what i hate about all of humanity , we are ALWAYS forced to compromise , the biggest fault in ALL of our psyche. What if finally there was NO compromise , there was one way or none at all ? Would we be able to handle it ?  . . Happiness may be important  but living without compromise is definitely rather appealing  , I just cant imagine how tough life would be then . I mean i practically compromise every second of my life .. hmmm , worth a thought ..


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