Enjoy the Moment

I hear this a lot of times “enjoy every moment of your life , there are very few such moments” ,  and so on and so forth . Really ? So basically we give in to short term pleasures and neglect our long term visions so that we remain in a state of ‘enjoyment’ . That thought makes you question whother its worth staying in the moment at all .It’s like you have three choices :  either stay completely in the present , never worrying about the past or the future , or say that you’ll always keep the future in view whenever you do anything or finally , stay in the moment , but worry a little about the future at the same time , like , oh is this action at present making a difference to my future , and if it isnt also , occasionally at least , we say that its ok , I’ll make up for it ..

I’m sure you’ll find that the last group of people , while not being EXTREMELY successful , are the ones who truly find their lives worth living . The first category contains drug addicts , and for a long time , me as well ( my drugs are deviate from the regular definition of what drugs are , I fell for watching too many TV shows and movies instead of studying – my long term goal) . The second however has those people who are unwilling to do ANYTHING besides their work , a boon and a bane , when they die , they’ll remember just the corner room in their office and their 6 and 7 figure salaries and nothing more (to quote a popular ad).

My dreams are a little weird , they contradict themselves . I mean one say I should earn a lot of money and stay happy simultaneously, and eventually do something that changes the world (a little too overboard ? can I help it if I’m ambitious ? 😉 ) . I’ve figured that the only way I’m managing something that gigantic in magnitude is by finding what I have a talent at and simultaneously truly enjoy , its the intersection points of two curves that I still don’t know at how many points it actually intersects. Thats basically the whole ‘finding your raison d’etre (reason for living)” thing all over again. And that really is the one sure shot way to accomplish everything you want to . So my plan is to experiment constantly till I find the right values that make me , uh , tick i guess .


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