Every day .. midnight seems to speed by me ..with me wondering . on a DAILY basis whether maybe, possibly , sleep is a good idea , with the obvious excuse of ‘no its ok , a few minutes won’t hurt’ . Human Psychology 101 huh ? I mean , we keep looking for excuses for everything , ‘oooh, i’ll eat just ONE more slice’ or ‘i’ll sleep just ONE more hour’ .

So when do the excuses stop actually ? Do they EVER stop ?  It requires a very high level of discipline and a desire to have things done in only one specific way , leave gap for another path and it’ll push and poke at your conscience until you’re forced to give in to the simpler way and possibly , more harmful . The reason for crimes ,obesity , inefficiency and every other rampant problem available in our world . So the obvious question that arises is , how do we get rid of it .. There must be a way to end it.

Everything is actually dependent on our childhood, however our mentality is , our childhood and how we’re brought up affects everything about us. I watched a fascinating documentary recently called “My Brilliant Brain” , in which a trained psychologist starts giving his very young daughter specialised training at that age itself so that when she grows up she’s an expert ,beyond imagination. She learnt chess and in a male dominated sports she destroyed any stereotype against women by proving that she could beat the best , at their best .

Now suppose every child that sort of training from a young age , their whole motivation would be directed towards it , thus reducing chances of any sort of diversion. This way they are already accustomed to ‘discipline’ IN a certain discipline . It’d be possible to implement this if instead of all parents were given training on how to raise children and what they should be exposed to . Maybe a social experiment of this sort conducted over a small region would seriously help us understand the motivations of children and what leads them from one path to the other, from being weak-willed to being strong-willed. I obviously have no power to even try something of such magnitude , but suggesting it does feel good nonetheless..


4 thoughts on “12:00

    Its a great discussion topic… so pardon me for poking into your sand castle 😛
    When a child is trained to look at the world in a certain way, especially when drilled with high levels of discipline, he/she tends to respond to it overwhelmingly well, as in the case of the girl. But she is no socially distanced being, and so later, usually teens, she interacts with others, she is bound to find a flaw in her methods, of how her view is caked dry. She will then resort to either of the foll. means,
    1) remain aloof from others, go on with her buisiness, be successful but socially she’sa failure. Lots of such examples we encounter, nerds as we call them. They are sucessful, usually filled by parents with a desire to win, but deep inside they feel pain…
    2) IF they do interact with others, then they are overwhelmed by how little they know. Usually, they slink into category 1, or simply accept that they have to learn in life and change(these guys end up ruling the world) and the few others commit suicide…
    So basically, nature has put a spoke in our wheels – sooner or later she will catch up with you, make you realize your biological significance, and turn you back into the unproductive being you started your blog with. (we discussed it a few days back, remember?)
    the only solution i can think of (this is partially due to my nature inclination) is accept that laziness is inherhent and the only way to deal with it is give it its due :D…
    sorry my comment rivals your blog in length…:P

  2. I agree with you on that . And considering the case in point Susan Polthgar I think , the girl in question , is highly competet socially because of her parents , they treated her with all the respect of an adult and introduced her into society so that she could develop interpersonal skills as well . .
    I knew this was a point that would come up actually , I cant believe I managed to neglect , ok to contradict the socially incapable part , I’m suggesting a training of children not individually but together allowing for interaction and understanding of human psyche ..
    BUT have you ever considered this , if you were used to not having to interacct at all , then it would one less thing on your mind allowing you to use a greater potential of the brain. right ? how would you counter that ?
    And yes biology will catch up with you eventually but its a fact easily remedied if you think about it , something I’d rather not describe in greater detail here ;D ..

  3. “Everything is actually dependent on our childhood, however our mentality is , our childhood and how we’re brought up affects everything about us.”
    — As much as I agree with this statement, don’t you think that temptation..giving into temptation and making excuses are all a defining characteristic of childhood? These are the experiences which help a child differentiate right from wrong and CHOOSE from what they’ve learnt.
    I can’t imagine why YOU of all people would say “training” should be given to children by parents to reduce diversion. How can any child appreciate a circumstance and choose a course of action in response to that circumstance if they’ve already been confined to a certain mode of thought and told that its the best for them?
    Let children learn for themselves….because they WILL is what I’m saying…

    P.S What credit do I get for reading your blog? 😛

    • Nice line of thought 🙂
      But then I’m not suggesting a mass of children to be forced into a certain field , or forced to do something they feel no interest in , What i feel is that while giving them some level of freedom we let them choose their interest and start giving them understanding of it from a young age . Its like vocational training speed-ed up exponentially ; tell me , how much of what you learnt in school do you actually use now ? All of it was rather useless wouldn’t you say ?
      And we were exposed to what career we should take very late in life , we actually didn’t know what we wanted until then actually, and even then we still aren’t totally sure still . Its far better to figure it out much earlier and start learning in that field itself , it’ll make experts out of everyone , promoting progress and possibly a better world.
      Oh and I’ll give it to you in person 😉 ..though actually you dont deserve anything since its been SOO long since you bothered to read any of it 😀

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