10:00 Finally we leave Vasco da Gama as we head back to Bangalore , the second set of tests are over and there are mixed feelings of elation and disappointment as I wonder about whether I’ve put up a better show this time around . Still not really bothered about it . Happily munch on garlic bread with olives in it as I watch Alice in Wonderland.

11:30 Alice in Wonderland is over and Alice has finally slayed the Jabberwocky as I stare out the window and feel a surge of joy at knowing when I awake I’ll see Bangalore staring at me through the window. I drop slowly asleep without realising . .

12:00 Bus stops for DINNER , sure everyone wants to eat at midnight , how idiotic. I blink as i wake from deep sleep and stare around in some confusion , I was supposed to be looking at bangalore , not yet.. As the bus starts moving again , I look outside …… and i see stars . . an endless set of blinking twinkling wonderful stars gazing down at me in their varied brightness . i could actually recognise different constellations and I was honestly astonished and shocked , it moved me to be able to gaze at such a beautiful sight , never before had i experienced the opportunity to view the night sky with this level of clarity , I found myself unconsciously pushing my head outside the window to get a better look at it , to see everything at once … I’d seen this once before , only ONCE , in a planetarium and now I could see it with my own naked eyes , it was a wonderful spectacle , as I identified Orion and big dipper and other shapes i just made up .. there were just SOOO many , it made me feel very small , but at the same time filled me a joy I cant clearly express , a joy of knowing that there was so much out there , when I’d been severely limited for a while …

I must’ve stared at least for an hour or more ,and to be honest , it brought tears to my eyes .. odd , it was a depth of emotion that id experienced very few times before in life ..and i hope i do many many more times here after ..


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