2 years

Its been over two years of this blog so I thought I should celebrate a little for actually bothering to keep it this active. As all my articles easily prove, I have strong tendencies to be lazy, VERY lazy . I find it so easy to just not do anything; a matter of great concern to my parents since I’m all alone now and trying to work solo .

Getting back to the blog, I’m kinda  sleepy now so Im gonna keep this short and simple. Yay !! I’m thrilled this has lasted so long and I hope I manage to keep writing articles. My english should remain hopefully fine tuned thanks to the regular updation of my blog; do tell me if I get messed up somewer , which I undoubtedly will , but I’ll ask nonetheless, since, after all , what is a writer without his critics 😉 . Hope the blog has been fun readin , IF you’ve been reading 😀 .


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