Aloha Bandipur

Well .. My first vacation in 3 years . The last one was a holidays spent in the near desert heat of Allahabad from where we travelled to the nearby tourist hot spots .Despite the heat and the fact that i got gastroenteritis , that was extremely memorable(not in the least because of my first encounter wit gastroenteritis).

This time we headed for the nearby resort filled location of Bandipur , a feast for only the stomach , because the buffet there was great while the sights were miserable (I did not see a single tiger  !?! , and no , this was not because i had forgotten my glasses and my extremely powerful eyes could detect nothing , it was because there WAS nothing) . We had booked a 2 day stay at cicada resorts , which turned out to be well constructed , clean and efficient . The funny thig at such luxurious resorts is , they feel they HAVE to transport every 50 metres , like as soon as we got there we were taken to our cottage and that was on the parallel road , a stones throw away , and we had a CAR take us there XD .

We got there by bus and were exhausted wen we reached mainly because we hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and reached only by 2 . Our first question to them was “Where is the restaurant ? ” 😀 . The buffet was sumptuous and satisfied even MY enormous appetite . We went for a trek that day itself and quite frankly I was a little afraid we’d really encounter an elephant or a tiger , which would pounce upon us (or in the case of the elephant , just trample us ) , only a little though . The guide took us on  very circuitous route and we were devoid of energy at the end of it . We slept for several hours after that .

Just before dinner I had a desperate urge to take a dip in the swimming pool , for some reason it has been my desire for a while to swim beneath the moon , and I finally satsfied it 🙂 . They had lit a campfire and I went and dried myself by it .

I had a fitful sleep but I didn’t want to wake up the next morning , it felt too amazing to sleep :P. We again went for a hike , this time up a mountain , and it was terrific, I enjoyed and exhausted myself . The trek was marred by my mom slipping and spraning her ankle after which she had to limp half a kilometre which caused her a great deal of pain. We took her to a hospital in the nearby town of Gundlupet where we waited in the dreary white walled hospital stuffed with patients for an hour before the doc said it wasnt too bad and just put a crepe bandage.

We had an unmemorable safari and a great final dinner . The next morning we packed bid adieu to the very friendly and helpful staff and headed home .


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