Its been a bit of both in the holidays till now . Some days I’m just bursting with adrenaline to get things done and on others all I want is for the sun to disappear over the top of my blanket again 😀
The best part is, I dont have to worry about doing either ,since thankfully , that’s what being completely free entails :). Oh, My picture and interview came in the paper !! It was an unbelievable thrill to see myself there (the last time it happened was 10 years ago for some book report I’d done :P) . My mom had desperately wanted me to be in the paper in tenth since it’d been her dream as a kid and wanted me to achieve it . Well I did it mom , just a little late thats all .
And wat could possibly be better than it happening on my fathers birthday :O 🙂 . It was by the grace of God (Nah , just felt like saying that , I dont even believe in god ;D ).
Since then its been entertaining , going out with friends , playing on the computer , driving (this is definitely a new high 😉 ), and basically trying to do all the things denied to me since I had so many important exams coming up.
Despite all the screams and rants bout how I never studied enough , I din do too bad , change that , I did well actually . Ok fine I din qualify for IIT , but when all I’d wanted was to get into BITS , it hardly even mattered to me 🙂 . And BITS is no more a dream , it’s a reality.
I’m finally getting used to going and getting things done in a bank (*gasps* I growing up :O 😀 ), how to be in a queue but get to the front fast (its all a matter of diplomacy ;D) and how to drive in Bangalore traffic (ugh the last one gives me a bad headache) .
It feels so great to just not have to think , “oh crap I should study that 😀 ” .
To just relax and take things easy , (mostly anyway , my mom seems to have felt that I deserve some work and now she sends me on errands way more often, but everything is an experience and its all worth it 🙂 ) ,and mostly,  to not care whether I’m hypo or hyper .


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