Passports : An identity proof , a way to get across countries, a method with powerful uses .
Ways to get it : Go and apply .. wait several months wait bated breath and finally get the desired and desperately needed object and wish it could’ve come a few months earlier so that you could’ve accepted that offer of working abroad from your company.
Or ..
A second pathway appears in the hidden back alleys of the indian red tapism and corruption ..
Pay the guy in the police station responsible for continuing the process of your passport . Slip it into his hands as you go for the papers which is only for the sake of a protocol and nothing more , a mere blind to the actual business expected to be conducted by all who have already been inducted into this dirty school of pay money get everything done faster . I hadn’t yet been given an introduction to this brilliant intstution . But when my dad had to get his passport processed I got a front seat view , the whole business disgusted me beyond words can describe . My dad calls the guy outside , “Id togoli, sumne, swolpa beg maadi” (Take this for the hec of it, speed things up would you ).
Needless to say one persons hunger ups the hunger of others , i think my dad paid some two or three people that day , i was too dazed and disgusted to say anything . But most of all I was depressed of it , of the blatant greed of our bureaucracy.


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