1 + 8 = 9 .. I remember that being one of the first things i was taught so that i could remember the nine’s table .
Now i guess i’m emulating it.
I am an adult ! Finally , after eighteen years i have a say in the government ( not that i care who governs us) , i can finally drive a car ( a very important thing, its good to show off, when u KNOW something 😀 ), i can finally smoke ( NEVER EVER will i do that , still thought of mentioning it) and of course quench the thirst of my palate with the choicest of la wines ..
The world is shifting , I see a new hope a new dream , as my school life ends another age begins and brings with it more hopes and desires , successes and misfortunes … (sounds of cd getting screwed ) ..
NO no no , there really is much more than all of the philosophical bullshit. I’m leaving my comfort zone , my set of friends and my family to delve , wholeheartedly ,into college. It’ll be exciting and exhilarating , and this is one ride i surely cant afford to miss.
Life , should be FULL of roller coaster rides, with its sharp turns and sudden peaks before the abrupt fall and the breathtaking speeds while we scream our lungs out in pure ecstasy at the adrenaline pounding through your veins screeching at you to runaway before something bad happens, but we stick it out, always , till the end. Just like life. Take risks and follow them to wherever they may lead , otherwise u can only get ur thrills from the nearby pub …
I’l do that . I’ll move from one roller coaster to the next , never stopping till there is no more left in me to go for it..


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