Life : Reasoned or Random

For those who haven’t watched Batman Forever , there is this one part where ‘Two-Face’ is deciding whether to murder a security guard and as usual he decides to flip a coin. His short speech about the quandary of the justice in life seemed to hit at the truth pretty well. Random coincidences are the hallmark of all life and there is no explaining them. So why not just flip a coin and let Providence decide what we should have in store for us.
Of course logically speaking, its absolutely insensible , but when you look at it from the angle of a criminal, a handicapped person, someone who has faced only troubles in his life , why wouldn’t he feel that life had no justification, that it was just a meaningless clutter out of which little made sense.
Life is reasoned ,only if you believe it is , because anything that happens can be explained when you CHOOSE to do so. Thats why there is the ever-existing line “If you believe it’s possible , it will be”.
Choice , not fate is the governor of all that happens in life. Choose to change providence , choose to lie instead instead of die. In that movie, what if that security guard had decided he wanted to live not caring about the event of the coin toss, then , we really dont know the series of events that subsequently occurs do we ? Then the probability of survival increases exponentially. The one subject matter that I think is extremely relevant in everything= probability and chance, since, quite simply, everything depends on them.


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