Our Talakadu Sojourn

This year was always expected to be tough, and it has been. But our school had finally decided , after some persuasion from the student council and our class teacher, that we were to go on an excursion to Talakadu! All of us were excited and thrilled at the idea. This would be our last trip from school together; we were going to make sure we had as much fun as possible.
The days inched by as we waited for the day we’d go to Talakadu.
The day arrived as with all days that prove to be unforgettable, sunshine flooded over the school as we eagerly boarded the bus. We enjoyed ourselves on the bus by playing Uno, Bluff and listening to songs while singing along with it.
Our first stop was for breakfast. We filled up the entire place as the waiters looked on in shock at being so filled up !! We had a simple idli-vada breakfast before departing.
A temple was the next step in our itinerary . We faithfully trooped in, prayed and came out.
Our next stop, the Kaveri River !
The tumult of the river was completely drowned out in our exuberance at having the opportunity to jump into the water. “Get in , get in ” screamed everyone as they splashed around . After what felt like the shortest time possible we were reined back in towards the buses to have lunch.
Travelling to a waterfall next and we climbed down a steep hill, navigating treacherous drops in steps until we reached the base of the waterfalls and gazed in wonder and awe at the beautiful sight of water thundering down. After some picture taking, we headed to a location from which we could view the waterfall better.
The day was nearing an end, but our spirits refused to dampen as we exulted in the last part of our journey- the trip home.
We said our goodbyes as we left, each wondering when we’d have as much fun again…


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