See the world outside..

I’m a philosophy addict ..Damn it ..I can manage to think philosophy in the middle of an exam ??!?!? IT sucks i no .Life becomes not a playground but a thinking assessment ..
But still its fun .i love wondering where my life is headed , whether , at the end of it I’ll be satisfied with all that i did ..I’m so glad I did some things over the past month which were mite have been better left undone ..Having done them i no i etched memories in not one mind but two 🙂 .. kudos to the other mind for havin the talent to actually make do the things i did 😀
Life is a not a conundrum, (whoo ! i finally realised ) , its a way to see things everywere , to understand , to believe , to love , to sleep ( 🙂 ) and most importantly to experience .. I plan to actually ..i do all those things right now itself ..n feel if i keep doing them .. Im ensuring that in the future wen im sleeping on some stupid bed waiting for the end to come , I’ll be smiling 🙂


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