Sometimes the brightness you see in the world outside just doesn’t bother to extend into your own life ..
Every day i stare outside at all the beautiful sunlight , yet i barely feel any of it illuminate my own heart .
I remember reading in my english textbook that writing is for people with shrunken souls, well in my eyes thats wat the kind of study we do does to us..
The thing about the Indian education system is that it was entirely designed to manufacture students who follow, never to engineer the citizens who lead , and there is nothing that has changed about it for a century .. The English developed our education system at a time when they had a need for accountants and clerks and other low paid , but still education necessary jobs. Sadly, us Indians saw fit to keep that machine running .
There is absolutely no scope for creativity or using our imagination , and the only thing we all seem to desperately need ,as if our lives depended on it , is really good marks . Will that make a better person out of you ? Or will you just be another product that just shines a little more than the rest ?
Darwin was right, life has completely become survival of the fittest , even for the smartest and most brainy creature on Earth … We need to change this place, reform instead of conform and renew the original spark of life that brought forth the world 🙂 ..
Yea i like talking big things and then contradicting myself, I’m one ne those people who goes after being the shiny product , and the stupidest thing is, I dont know why …I’m still figuring out what it is that I’d really be happy becoming ..


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