Woohoo ! the boards are coming !!

God ..what kind of a name is that ?!? Boards it seems . Couldnt  they come up with something a little more formidable sounding (i swear even ‘The EXAM’ would’ve been pretty fine).. boards are coming ? makes me feel like some board is chasing me or somethnig …

Well as it is, i am to face the most challenging, most important exam of my life in another few weeks .n im telling u seriously ..i cant get enough of facebook these days..its like ‘ooh , that quiz is nice , hmm maybe ill check out that page…n hey look i got a new friend ! 😛 ..god ..when it should be more like..ok ill take a quiz on physics chapter so n so after 5 mins, ill chk that page of the chem textbook to make sure i mugged it properly and ill see if i can finally befriend functions finally …

though…its not like im not studyin..yes im slogging , as much as my extremely restless brain gives me an opportunity to do …but im gonna freak out to the max after two months ..for those of u who read harry potter (which is probably like  everyone :D) if i stood in front of the mirror of erised id see only myself(ok maybe one other person) , but seriously nothing else..i cant wait for these two months to get over , with , hopefully a good result ensuing, id hate for them to end if thr was no good result..

ill keep blogging just for the hec of it, its making me happy so i think ill do it , im milking every opportunity wer i can feel happy to its entire potential ..


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