“There are two paths diverging in a wood and I take the path less trodden” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

 I was nine years old. It was cold and I was lost. All I could see were tall trees. I wanted to cry, but nature was pouring her own eyes out for me. I was in Boy Scouts from eight. I participated in activities, earned badges and was generally an active member. My team had gone on a couple of treks, to nearby hills in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Once we had been camping to the Blue Ridge Mountains, I had stayed with my parents in a single tent. It was a wonderful experience to be so intimate with nature. However, we had brought along utensils, food, special wood and other things without which we would have probably not survived that trip. Nature was all around us though and that brought a sense of joy to our hearts. The next year we were to go camping again. This time we had to trek to a campsite, and we carried only the essentials of trekking and campin. Even my parents could not come with me. I felt alone. I was going with another team this time, since I had chosen to go with others and see how I fared. Most of the other kids had their parents managing the teams and this furthered my sense of loneliness. I decided to stick through it. Upon reaching our campsite, we pitched tent. The others offered to have me in their tent instead of having me sleep alone but I refused as I felt I would be intruding on their family if I did that. We trekked up a hill the first day. The rest of the evening passed by quickly, with singing and talking and playing. The night was unforgettable. I had been told that there were bears in the area. When in the middle of the night I woke up, realizing I needed to pee, I was too afraid to go outside. Worse, I heard ruffling and scratching noises. I could easily imagine a giant brown bear standing outside my tent waiting for me to emerge so that it could have me for a late night snack. I was not brave that night; I behaved as a coward, but also as a child. A few hours later, I felt it safe to venture outside. I heaved a sigh of relief on seeing no bear footprints near my tent. I went back to sleep, but woke earlier than everyone since I wanted to welcome the sunrise. The day was too foggy however, and I just welcomed a heavy coating of dew on my head. After eating breakfast, we decided to leave. We were to go in parties, first a group of five would go and then another. I had not been assigned a group, and on a sudden impulse chose to follow the first group, five minutes after they had left. I ran along the path, tripped on a tree branch and fell flat on my face. I was unhurt however, and glad that no one had seen my less than graceful tumble. I went along the path and found no one for over ten minutes. The seeds of worry had planted themselves in my head. The fog had not lifted yet and a light drizzle was starting to fall. I kept walking- running was no more an option, expecting to meet them. The rain got worse and I reached a point where the path seemingly ended. I saw no path ahead, and I feared the worst. I was lost. For what seemed to an age, I stood on that very spot and screamed for those who had come with me. I had no response. Still wondering if I would forever be lost in the depths of that great forest, I forged ahead. I started to run now, not caring if I fell again. Ahead I saw that that there was a curve. After reaching it, far ahead of me, I saw the first group walking still. I was joy incarnate. I had finally found them! When I relayed my experience to them, they were disappointed that I had not told them I wanted to come with them. I had thought I could catch up. This experience made me feel that I was alive again. I had almost gotten lost, but in the process found myself. Now I have the strength of belief in myself to tread alone when the path gets narrow and to tread where no one has done before.

Yes it is self serving , buts its an essay about me so it had to be so… I’m gonna gubmit this one to princeton.. Temme wat u think…


2 thoughts on “Reminiscences

  1. Hey! You’ve had some awesome adventures! was this when you were in the USA?
    Language-wise, it’s pretty good…awesome actually.

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