Another year – another teachers qwiz – a new perspective :)

I am the school vice captain . It really doesnt mean much  except that i have to every now and then give a speech . Thats the true definition of figurehead :P.

This teachers qwiz, I was more responsible for the organisation and so on. And like I already said I had to say a speech, for the teachers. I made it interesting, as far as I can remember at least. Though at several points i couldn’t say it properly, a result of the bright light shining into my eyes and not too much practise. As usual , there were too few listening to even realise my errors :D.

 This was the first chief guest who i found really genuine. She was a librarian and u could tel she loved what she did. I enjoyed listening to her speak, she sounded very knowledgeable and spoke casually.

The prelim were rather boring, though i kept trying to figure out the answers with Apoorva, and neither of us got too many… Though there were pretty cool questions..The teachers definitely did better.

I got to correct the teachers answers right after the prelims, some teachers really shone. I found it fun seeing their answers, some of which were outright crazy :).

Several of us had to act waiters, and waitresses for the quiz team , consisting as last year with Pickbrain and his group. And i swear they ordered us all around that way itself .. But I didnt mind, I got to help out and it was fun. And when I got to finally eat I was starving, and ended up loving the food ! I think it was good still…

The second half was more exciting than the first half, though our school didn’t win. Besides which I had to hand out audience prizes like last year, and found that irritating since at times I couldn’t see the people who had answered the question right cause of the bright lights… Besides me even Kayala had the same problem, and we were worried which of us would eventually mess up and give it to the wrong person..Again in the second half there were a lot of fun questions..  

This teachers qwiz was better than last year in that I got to do more ..But it was sad that our school didn’t win… It would’ve made sense for a librarian to win on a day that a librarian is the chief guest ..Kudos to u Jambunathan ma’am for ur try 🙂 …

Oh , but I didnt describe the most exciting thing that happened. The cooks accidentally dropped a gas cylinder and it burst open letting the fumes escape in a dangerous , toxic and inflammable cloud.. I was standing outside with Apoorva welcoming the teachers in , and this was just freaky, I kept wondering if a huge flame would just burst into being… Me and the school captain kept competing how many teachers said good morning to me,  how many to her, it was sad , but we were really bored then , at least till the gas cylinder thing…(and obviously I won :P)

PS : I’ m writing this really late, but id totally forgotten about it till now..


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