The Infoscions Resort- See it to believe it ….

Infosys – a company that is truly powered by intellect and driven by values! It stands very true to its punch line. The Infoscions are efficient to a point of impossibility and their level of productivity seems unmatched.


We, all the students of 12th Standard, had a wonderful opportunity to visit the Mysore campus of Infosys. The sight of several beautifully constructed buildings in the campus left us wonderstruck. The campus has so much, so many buildings, facilities and most importantly, people, the main asset of any software industry. Spread over 270 acres, it gives a whole new meaning to having a good workplace.


The campus offers training to all newly recruited employees- who have a future in Infosys as well as leadership coaching for the potential magnates. The campus can  provide support to over 10,000 trainees at one time and is the only campus in the world to allow for living in the campus itself.


The facilities offered cannot be found at even a five star luxury resort. A swimming pool, gym, TT tables galore, a couple of basketball courts, a volleyball court and a multiplex,all thrown in,make this place an unbelievable experience. There is also an enormous library containing the ‘ABC’s of programming. Employee satisfaction is on top of the priority list for the leaders of Infosys since they make life extremely easy for them by providing two food courts and many small kiosks of established restaurants as well.

Their living quarters are cleverly, in the form of the word ‘Infosys’ and maintenance there is impeccable.  Going green is a credo at Infosys as the trainees cycle to get around the campus and solar energy is used efficiently.

A visit there is truly awe inspiring and a jaw dropping experience . Anyone who sees it would want to be there !



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